Co-op Advertising

Co-op advertising refers to an agreement between a manufacturer and a retailer to share advertising costs in order to create brand name awareness with local consumers. LSA's suite of products and services makes co-op advertising a simple, revenue-driving strategy for local media and marketing organizations.

Products & Services

  • Recas: The co-op enablement platform, Recas brings thousands of co-op brand programs to one, easy to use database. Recas features information such as accrual rates, reimbursement percentages, co-op contacts, media type descriptions, promotions and ad materials.
  • Service Bureau: The Service Bureau is a team of LSA staff dedicated to helping your sales reps utilize co-op ad dollars. The team does this by providing co-op leads to sales reps, obtaining ad approvals from manufacturers, improving the overall flow of co-op operations and more.
  • Training & Support: The LSA Co-op team provides the support and training you need to utilize co-op advertising funds. From support in using the LSA Recas product to educating sales reps about how to sell co-op, LSA’s co-op experts have the insight to operationalize co-op.
  • Creative Services: Work with LSA’s team of designers to develop compelling, brand approved co-op ads for print and/or digital delivery. The Recas platform also features a database of manufacturer ad materials (logos, templates, etc.).

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