Co-op advertising refers to an agreement between a manufacturer and a retailer to share advertising costs, while at the same time creating brand name awareness. Various industry estimates indicate the market is worth nearly $40 billion annually. Yet between 40% and 50% of these funds go unused every year.

LSA helps local media sellers take better advantage of co-op advertising funds by offering the most comprehensive set of products and services available to the market today. Whether agency or publisher, you owe it to yourself to see what we have to offer.

Available Services

  • Recas (NEW): Retail Co-Op Advertising Service (Recas) brings thousands of brand co-op programs to one, easy to use database. Recas brings together information such as accrual rates, reimbursement percentages, co-op contacts, media type descriptions, promotions and ad materials. Here is how Recas can help you:
    • Media sellers can access detailed manufacturer co-op plan information
    • Sales reps or co-op coordinators could pinpoint the best sales opportunities for their markets
    • We help retailers and distributors make the most of existing manufacturer co-op arrangements
    • We work with manufacturers in specifically targeted markets to promote their co-op products via a local market media mix
    • Agencies can use LSA Recas to maximize client advertising dollars
  • Service Bureau: The Co-Op Service Bureau is a team of LSA staff dedicated to helping your sales reps utilize co-op ad dollars, which in turn helps local advertisers promote the brand names that people are looking to buy. The Service Bureau is designed to:
    • Provide leads to sales reps
    • Obtain ad approvals from manufacturers
    • Improve the flow of co-op operations
  • Raw Data File: The Co-Op Raw Data File is a digital file that includes data for all of the co-op programs in LSA’s database. This would be great for publishers and agencies looking to integrate LSA’s co-op data into sales platforms, internal resources and more. Access to the file and updates to it are granted via a subscription agreement with LSA.

Note: Pricing dependent on membership level. Contact Ryan Stevenson / 309.690.5385 for more info.

If co-op advertising isn’t part of your media organization’s sales strategy, it should be. LSA can help make that happen.

Who Benefits?

  • Local Advertiser: With the financial boost provided by co-op ad dollars, local advertisers with limited budgets get more bang for their buck while promoting popular national brands in their ads.
  • Advertising Sales Rep: Sales reps are always faced with ever-increasing goals. Supplementing advertiser budgets with co-op dollars can help meet and surpass these goals.
  • Publisher: Co-op advertising dollars provide an incremental boost to publisher ad revenue with little effort required.

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