Place 2016

The ascendancy of mobile devices and the merger of online and offline experiences has created new opportunities and new challenges for marketers and brands.

The Place Conference is a unique one-day event on cross-platform proximity marketing, indoor experiences and location analytics. Multi-location brands, retailers and agencies can’t afford to miss it. The 2016 event will take place in Chicago on Wednesday, September 21 at the University of Chicago’s Gleacher Center.

It’s about practical information and real case studies from major brands, agencies and technology providers.


  • What Is The Physical Web?
  • Beacons in Action: Real World Examples
  • Offline to Online Retargeting
  • Brand and Retail Case Studies
  • Smart Lighting and Indoor Location
  • Solving the Location Data Accuracy Problem
  • Wayfinding & Indoor Maps: Two Case Studies
  • Fighting Amazon with Proximity and Mobile Loyalty
  • Reconciling Location, Personalization & Privacy
  • Can Location Save Mobile Advertising?

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