Tapping the Multi-Billion Dollar Co-op Advertising Opportunity

  • The State of Co-op Advertising & the Path Forward

    Roughly half of the nearly $70 billion allocated to fund co-op advertising programs goes unused every year, according to estimates from LSA, Borrell Associates and others.

    Over the past few years the perception has been that co-op money is harder to get or less available. In fact that’s not true and the uses of co-op are growing, with an increasing amount earmarked for digital media. The problem is that accessing co-op funds is often complex and bureaucratic.

    This is where local media sellers and marketing service providers can help. This report seeks to expose potential challenges and sources of “friction” for co-op and provide recommendations for making co-op a source of revenue for local media and marketing providers and a source of funds for their SMB advertisers.

    What You'll Learn

    - How co-op is being integrated into the sales process
    - Perceptions of co-op as a revenue driver
    - Obstacles to co-op adoption
    - Selling & fulfilling co-op campaigns