The Electronic Link for Industry News and Communication (ELINC) service is an extremely valuable tool offered by the association, and by far the most cost effective email address list available in the industry. As a subscriber to ELINC, you can contact either the publishers or the CMR community or, both, concurrently. The association uses ELINC to notify members of upcoming training sessions, membership changes, conference information, new products, etc. The Publishers use ELINC to notify the CMRs of close date changes, new products, directory rescopes, new directories, ad specifications, promotions, etc.

CMRs typically use the service to notify the publishers of, system conversions, holiday closings, address and phone number changes, surveys, etc.

"The most important fact about ELINC is it is as simple to use as sending an email message"

The ELINC system is now part of the LSA IRIS Online product. It is not necessary for you to be an IRIS Online subscriber in order to use the ELINC services.

ELINC services are offered to the membership at no charge. Non-Member Publishers (facilities users currently using the LSA ELITE and LSA Rates & Data services) may subscribe for an annual subscription fee of $460.00 for each email address.

To subscribe to ELINC, click on the link below and complete the online form. Once you are set up, you will receive a separate email with your login information. You will want to login and change your profile information to receive ELINCs in your inbox. This is located under User Profile/Options which can be found by clicking on your name at the top of the screen.

To subscribe to Local Search Association ELINC services, select the link below:

Subscribe to ELINC (please indicate in the Comments section if you are only signing up for ELINC)

For information about ELINC, please contact Barb Parrott / 248.244.0732.