• Webinar: Overcoming the All-in-One Sales Challenge

    How to simplify selling a complex product suite



  • LSA19: The art & science of Localogy

    Feb. 25-27, 2019, Dana Point, CA

  • Report: The All-in-One Sales Challenge

    All-in-One SaaS solutions are a blessing and a curse for publishers

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We're in the Business of Local

  • Elnora  Cunningham  | Head of Social Media Marketing & Listing Management, U-Haul International

    "The Local Search Association has grown and morphed over the years and they have always been at the forefront of what's happening in the local space. Our brand U-Haul has been coming to LSA's annual event for the 15 years that I have been with the company."

  • Thomas Walle | CEO, Uncast

    "Thanks for a great conference, really well organized, great discussions and tons of key people. The ROI for Unacast was above expectations. You should be proud. Looking forward to your next event!"

  • Marc  Poirier | CEO & Co-Founder,  Acquisio

    "LSA conferences offer the opportunity to connect with industry people who really matter, enabling us to build important relationships, our brand and our position in the market. "

  • Liz Walton | Director of Marketing, Yext

    "LSA is an invaluable resource and a great partner. They are in the center of what's happening today in local and what's coming next."

  • Ben  Wood | Director, Channel Sales Americas, Google

    "LSA has been a great networking resource as well as providing interesting and relevant insights into the local market."