IRIS Online

The LSA IRIS ONLINE is a unique and innovative marketing tool used for retrieving publisher rates, data and creating key reports with critical information. This product also includes mapping capabilities and is updated on a weekly basis. Yearly subscriptions are available for LSA members and non-members. Pricing for LSA IRIS ONLINE can be found in the Products & Services Catalog.


"LSA IRIS ONLINE is a great product!"

"My compliments to the designers."

"Thank you Local Search Association for introducing this fantastic new reporting tool; it has made retrieving data and generating reports effortless!"

"The advanced search function makes it much easier to pull specific detail information for a publisher or a directory. The directory coverage maps are an added bonus since you can create a map "on demand" and is very helpful when doing analysis and reporting."

"It is quick to get on with a simple log in."

"I also really like the fact that it is updated more frequently than once a month, with all the changes that happen out there once a month was just not enough."

"The new LSA IRIS ONLINE is a major step forward. Easy to use, flexible, understandable and logical."

"Please keep adding more "bells and whistles" for it just improves on what is an extremely good product."

"The coverage maps on LSA IRIS ONLINE are a real boon to marketing our directories, as well."


For general questions, please contact Barb Parrott / 248.244.0732. For subscription information, please contact Barb Parrott / 248.244.0732. Visit to login.