Local Media Tracking Study

The Local Media Tracking Study (LMTS) is LSA’s flagship annual study that surveys over 8,000 U.S. consumers to better understand how people search for, find, engage and eventually purchase from a local business.

The study looks at consumer use of 13 media channels for local discovery, including both traditional and digital media. The data is organized into top-line results, business category reports, media specific data and much more. Here are the materials currently available from the 2018 study:

  • 100+ Business Category Reports: Consumer media usage for individual business categories like restaurants, auto dealers, dentists, coffee houses, etc.
  • National Results: Summary of national results by media type.
  • The 2018 Digital Consumer Study (FREE): This report looks at how often consumers in cities across the U.S. use digital outlets to find local business info.
  • 2018 Top-Line Results (FREE): In this top-line summary report, you will see national trends (2014-2016) as it relates to media usage for finding local business information.
  • Headings-Key Sources in Rank Order: Spreadsheet summary of most searched for headings and the sources used.
  • Category Heat Map: Breakdown of the percent of searches performed for a specific business category and sorted by the most widely used source types.

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