LSA Certification: FAQ

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What is LSA Certification?

LSA Certification demonstrates that a digital marketer is reputable and meets industry standards of ethics and best practices. LSA Certification is a symbol of trust to SMBs.

Why get LSA Certified?

SMBs are contacted 24 times a month by marketers trying to sell them products and services, making it hard to distinguish between all the companies who contact them. As a result, 80% of SMBs indicated that certification under LSA Standards would likely or highly likely influence their choice in marketing provider.

LSA Certification was created to foster trust between advertisers (buyers) and marketing providers (sellers) by validating and reinforcing good business practices. Through a robust review process, LSA Certification can validate your business processes.

What benefits do I get when I become LSA Certified?

  • Display the LSA Certification badge on any company media to distinguish your company from the competition.
  • Interactive online badge that links to a company specific page indicating your certification is in good standing.
  • Sales scripts to help your sales team explain why LSA Certification helps protect buyers of digital marketing and media.
  • Visibility from LSA communication and promotion to SMBs of the assurances LSA Certification provides them.
  • Inclusion on list of LSA Certified companies that will be made accessible to SMBs.

What is required to become LSA Certified?

Companies must demonstrate that they meet certain standards and engage in certain best practices in the following areas:

  • Sales practices and representations made to prospective clients
  • Service standards and accountability
  • Hiring and training practices
  • Service agreements and contracts
  • Transparency
  • Security and privacy of information

Applicants for certification must complete the online application form providing information and documents that demonstrate the above standards are met.

The application is reviewed by LSA to determine compliance with all standards and best practices. See LSA Certification Program Rules for more details on how the program is administered.

How do I get Certified?

Review the pdf version of the online application form and gather information and documents required for completion of the application form. Fill out the online application and attach any relevant documentation. Submit the online application and payment for the application fee.

How much does it cost?

  • Members: $1,500 Annual Fee
  • Non-Members: $2,500 Annual Fee
  • Non-Member Application Fee: $199

Certification is for company-wide business practices and thus it is only necessary to have one certification per business.

Can I see what questions will be asked on the application before I start the online application?

Yes – review the Tips for Completing an Application. A pdf version of the application may be downloaded here.

What if an SMB files a complaint against me with LSA?

LSA will forward any complaints it receives to the certified company and will not get involved in the substance of the complaint or dispute and will not engage directly with any client of a certified company regarding such dispute. However, LSA may facilitate communications between the complaining party and certified company.

Certified companies are required to have dispute resolution policies and those policies should be followed in dealing with complaints. LSA may review a complaint to see if it alleges any conduct that if true, would be non-compliance with LSA Standards. Any follow up regarding such review will be conducted solely between LSA and the LSA Certified company subject to such review. See LSA Certification Program Rules for more details on how the program is administered.

What if I have more questions?