LSA Certification: How It Works

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The LSA Certification program is built on a comprehensive application that may take up two hours to complete. Additionally, certification is for company-wide business practices and thus it is only necessary to have one certification per business.

Here is a simplified 10-step view of how the program works:

  1. Determine if you want to be certified as an SMB provider or a MarTech provider
  2. Download the appropriate PDF application
  3. Complete the application at your own pace
  4. Non-members must pay the application fee ($199)
  5. Submit to LSA's Wesley Young at
  6. The LSA team will review your application and determine if your responses and supporting materials meet best practices and LSA standards
  7. If an area doesn't meet our specifications, we will work with you to suggest ways to meet our guidelines
  8. Once all guidelines are met, LSA will inform you of your certification
  9. Once certified, companies must pay the annual fee in order to be eligible to use the LSA Certification "mark"
  10. LSA will share additional graphics and materials to help you promote your accomplishment to the market and will announce the accomplishment to various audiences

LSA may request additional information during the review process before making a determination on certification. If an application is ultimately denied, a company may reapply once it has addressed any deficiencies identified during the review.


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