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Trust and transparency are major issues within the local marketing and advertising space from many perspectives. With ad and click fraud, viewability issues, lofty claims, "walled gardens," and more, buyers in the digital marketing space are more skeptical than ever.

Last year we created the LSA Certification program to help SMBs find trustworthy and ethical local marketing partners. Given demand from marketing technology providers who work with agencies, SMBs and national brands, we are now opening the program up to any MarTech providers that support the local space.

The program will still be focused on fostering trust between buyers and sellers in local marketing by evaluating the business practices of providers. Whether an SMB looking for a marketing partner, or an agency or media company looking for marketing technology, companies who earn LSA Certification follow ethical business practices.

Based on industry best practices, our robust review process for certification examines the following business practices:

  • Sales practices and representations made to prospective clients
  • Service standards and accountability
  • Hiring and training practices
  • Service agreements and contracts
  • Transparency
  • Security and privacy of information


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