2017 SMB Cloud Adoption Summit

When: Monday, April 30, 2018 @ 8:30 am – 12:30 pm

Where: Chicago Loews Hotel, Chicago, IL

Who: Digital Agencies and In-house Marketers

This half-day intensive will offer the latest tactical and best practices advice on a range of topics critical to marketers representing multi-location brands or local businesses: SEO, GMB, review management, Facebook O2O ads, offline attribution, voice optimization.

2018 SEO and Social Agency Workshop cohosts

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2018 SEO and Social Agency Workshop Speakers

What's on the agenda?

Knowledge Panel Tsunami: What Google Updates Mean for Your Customers

Last year saw an incredible number of changes and updates to the content and information Google presents in search results. This session will explore this dramatic evolution and explain how to influence and respond to these changes. Finally, it will discuss how you can best prepare for Google’s future local search paradigm.

SEO: Think Global, Optimize Local

Can global branding and local marketing work together or are they fundamentally different? This in-depth SEO case study will highlight lessons learned (and mistakes made) in an ongoing campaign for a tier-one hospitality brand that has numerous local franchisees around the world.

Reputation and Review Management Best Practices

Multi-location brands and SMBs alike must have a reviews strategy. In addition to being a ranking factor, the influence of reviews on consumers continues to grow. But so does fraud and “review inflation.” In addition, the major platforms have different review solicitation policies. This session identifies the most effective tools and tactics for review and reputation management today.

Facebook Local Ads & O2O Retargeting

Facebook has introduced a wide range of features to enable marketers to connect online ads to offline actions (and back). This session will explore the range of location targeting and offline attribution options and tactics (for enterprises and small businesses) and best practices for using them.

Twitter 2.0: Creating Content that Outperforms

Social platforms are increasingly differentiated; you can no longer cross-post the same content and expect it to work. To truly excel at Twitter you need Twitter-specific content. This session discusses what that looks like, common reasons Tweets #flop, which parts of a campaign do best on Twitter and how to ‘suss out’ what your clients should sound like on the platform.

Advanced Attribution: Simple to Sophisticated

Offline sales have always been influenced by digital marketing. Until recently, however, it was difficult to track online to offline. With mobile location data all that has changed. In fact, if you’re not measuring the offline impact of digital campaigns you’re not seeing a true picture of your marketing. This session explores the tactics that are now available and makes recommends about when and how to use them.

Optimizing Content for Voice & Virtual Assistants

It’s estimated that as many as 50 million people now have smart speakers. Virtual assistants and voice search usage will only continue to grow. How are these new user behaviors different from traditional search? What does all of it mean for your brand and content discovery? And how should marketers change or adapt their tactics and content to get in front of voice users and virtual assistants? Is “zero position” the only option?

Loews Chicago Hotel

Richardson Room- 2nd floor
455 N Park Dr.
Chicago, IL

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