MarketingBitz is a resource for small businesses to get objective information about digital marketing. The website is an online extension of the in-person MarketingBitz Bootcamp series, created to provide small businesses with practical education about online marketing.

Attendees of our MarketingBitz Bootcamps consistently expressed a desire for more and deeper information to help them with digital marketing. In response, we developed to cut through the clutter, confusion and noise surrounding digital marketing in the small business marketplace.

The site compiles content for small businesses, such as articles, videos, presentations, webinars and more. LSA has developed an email distribution list of over 70,000 small business contacts and the content we share with this audience is intended to educate and empower these businesses to improve digital marketing effectiveness.  

Ways Your Company Can Get Involved

  • Hosting a webinar presentation
  • Launching an exposure campaign (email, blog post, social posts, display ads)
  • Sponsoring a "Marketing Guide" (report on a critical SMB marketing topic)
  • Reach SMBs face-to-face by participating in MarketingBitz Bootcamps
  • Contributing original articles and posts for publication
  • Distributing existing content on the site

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