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The Local Search Association (LSA) is an international, not-for-profit industry association of media companies, agencies and technology providers focused on local and location-based marketing and commerce.

Reach and engage with prospects/resellers via webinars, events, thought leadership, reports and more.

*Not all partner members listed above.

  • Monica Ho | Chief Marketing Officer Chief Marketing Officer

    We’ve been able to reach a large audience of potential partners and prospects through our LSA Membership via webinars, reports, speaking opportunities and more. The team’s expertise and professionalism makes them a pleasure to work with.

  • Jillian Als | Head of Marketing & Communications Head of Marketing & Communications

    The LSA team are true professionals who are genuinely passionate about helping us achieve our goals we have in the market. Their events, content, their talent behind the content, and the overall engagement has been invaluable for our business.

Pricing & Key Benefits

Silver - $2,500 annually

  • LSA Blog Contribution: Monthly or quarterly contributions to the LSA Insider.
  • Data Decks: Collection of key stats and studies related to various local marketing issues, great for sales & marketing collateral.
  • 1 “You-Pick” Event Pass: Pass to LSA’s annual conference, Place Conference, or any other LSA-hosted event. ($1,600 value)
  • Discount on Additional Event Pass: Take 50% off an additional event pass to any other LSA-hosted event. ($900 value)
  • Discounted Exhibit Table: Save $1,000 on an exhibit table at an LSA event of your choice.

Gold - $8,500 annually

  • Host an LSA Webinar: Host a webinar directed to LSA’s audience of agencies, media companies and brands. ($5,000 value)
  • 3 “You-Pick” Event Passes: Passes to LSA’s annual conference, Place Conference, or any other LSA-hosted event. ($4,800 value)
  • Research and Reports: Access to LSA’s proprietary data and insights related to SMB/local marketing, location-based marketing, local consumer behavior and more.
  • Data Concierge Service: Make custom data requests and our team will find relevant insights.
  • Exposure Campaign: Campaign directed to LSA’s industry or small business audience. ($5,000 value)

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