Keys to a Winning Multi-Location Digital Strategy

  • Digital influence on local consumer spending impacts trillions of dollars each year

    Research online, buy offline. It’s the dominant consumer paradigm – and has been since the earliest days of the internet. E-commerce spend still hovers around 10%, where 90% of goods and services are purchased in brick and mortar locations. But, digital influence over local consumer spending now impacts $0.56 of every dollar spent in a store -- trillions of dollars each year.

    To fully capitalize on online-to-offline purchase behavior, multi-location brands need mobile and social localization strategies. Effective mobile marketing now encompasses reputation management, location-specific content and local audience engagement on social media.

    Devising and executing a business-centric (rather than brand-centric) digital strategy isn’t easy, especially for larger chains with hundreds or thousands of business locations. It is possible, however. This report explores three approaches to distributed social media engagement for multi-location brands:

    1. Top-down or centralized control
    2. Local management/franchisee control
    3. Hybrid, with elements of both.

    (NOTE: The report does not discuss presence management or local SEO. These are critical tools and tactics but well-covered elsewhere.)