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  • Nov 12

    On-Demand Auto Repair: Wrench Ratchets up $20 Million

    Posted: 11/12/2019

    Contributed by:Mike Boland

    Funding Watch is LSA Insider’s series that tracks funding to SMB-focused startups and tech providers. See the rest of the series here. The on-demand economy is mostly known for its demand-side impact. Consumers can have a remote control for their city, and summon things at will… not a new concept. But the supply-side dynamics are less...

  • Nov 11

    Video Vault: Adapting to the New SMB Reality

    Posted: 11/11/2019

    Contributed by:Charles Laughlin

    This is the latest in LSA’s Video Vault series. Running semi-weekly, it examines selected conference talks, including embedded video and key takeaways. Speakers’ opinions are their own. Check out the entire series here. Last week the Asiacomm ’19 event in Vietnam featured several conversations about how technology and SaaS are transforming the small business market. There...

  • Nov 07

    Shopify Ups Its Email Marketing Game

    Posted: 11/07/2019

    Contributed by:Mike Boland

    This is the latest in our series on SMB website builders. See the whole series here.  The SMB presence and promotion bundle continues to grow. Aligned with our ongoing coverage of feature expansion among website builders, Shopify is the latest to fortify its suite with email marketing. Shopify isn’t a website builder per se, but...

  • Nov 07

    New Podcast: “Hearables, 5G, and Des Moines”

    Posted: 11/07/2019

    Contributed by:Charles Laughlin

    Our latest Above the Cloud podcast features Part II of a recent LSA analyst team bull session touching on a range of topics in the news and covered on the LSA Insider blog.  In this short episode, we dig into the market opportunity for “hearables” and kick around the real-world implications of 5G. There is...

  • Nov 07

    Pokémon Go, Now with More SMB Marketing

    Posted: 11/07/2019

    Contributed by:Mike Boland

    Tech Vision is LSA’s series that spotlights emerging tech. Running semi-weekly, it reports on new technologies that LSA analysts track, including strategic implications for local commerce. See the full series here.  Say the name “Pokémon Go” and most people think about hordes of tweens roaming the streets and public parks in the summer of 2016....

  • Nov 06

    Lessons From Foursquare’s Acquisition and Integration of Placed

    Posted: 11/06/2019

    Contributed by:Mike Boland

    Those involved in tech mergers know how long it can take to integrate two different systems and sets of technologies. This is why it was particularly notable when Foursquare revealed last week that it has completed primary aspects of its back-end integration of Placed. This comes only 90 after the acquisition. To be clear, we’re...

  • Nov 05

    Global Smartphone Sales Rebound

    Posted: 11/05/2019

    Contributed by:Mike Boland

    Data Scout is LSA’s series that curates and draws meaning from third-party data. Running semi-weekly, it adds an analytical layer to the industry data that we encounter in daily knowledge building. For LSA original data, see the separate Modern Commerce Monitor™️ series. After much handwringing that smartphone unit sales have plateaued, Q3 saw modest year-over-year...

  • Nov 04

    ONWARD: The Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth

    Posted: 11/04/2019

    Contributed by:Neal Polachek

    I had the opportunity last to attend Onward19, YEXT’s now annual fest in New York City, as a moderator at its Partner Summit. Here are some basics on the event.  I heard there were more than 2,400 attendees, though my unscientific guess is between 1,800 and  2,000.  About 400 people attendees to the Partner Summit,...

  • Nov 01

    Is Uber Assembling a ‘City OS’?

    Posted: 11/01/2019

    Contributed by:Mike Boland

    This is the latest in LSA’s Video Vault series. Running semi-weekly, it examines selected conference talks and video clips, including embedded video and key takeaways. Speakers’ opinions are their own. Check out the entire series here. Uber’s success hinges on a certain network effect. Its two-sided marketplace grows as demand (riders) fuel supply (drivers) and vice...

  • Oct 31

    NinthDecimal Beefs Up Multi-Touch Attribution

    Posted: 10/31/2019

    Contributed by:Mike Boland

    Television is quickly becoming the next piece in the offline attribution puzzle. This is happening as programmatic ad buying grows in television, and as the art of attribution continues to improve and span platforms. This notably goes beyond just broadcast and taps into the prevalence of streaming and OTT. The latest in this progression is...