2017 Place Conference

The rise of mobile devices and the convergence of online and offline experiences has created new opportunities and challenges for marketers, retailers and enterprises. The Place Conference is a unique one-day event on location intelligence, offline analytics and proximity marketing.

Multi-location enterprises, retailers and agency attendees will get practical information, case studies and tactical advice from location-leading marketers, brands and platforms.

Participating Companies

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  • "Thanks for a great conference, really well organized, great discussions and tons of key people. The ROI for Unacast was above expectations. You should be proud. Looking forward to your next event!"

    – Thomas

  • "You and the team pulled together a great event with fantastic content and attendees. Really glad we could be part of it in many ways and hopefully contribute to its success. Looking forward to working together again."

    – David

  • "The LSA does events right -- great venue, a great group of people, and most importantly GREAT CONTENT that is pushing the industry forward."

    – Tari Haro, CMO, SIM Partners (formerly)

  • "The Place Conference and workshop were great ... one of the best I've attended. Excellent content and speakers. Covered lots of timely topics important for brands, retailers and other verticals. Enjoyed the informal discussions between sessions as well."

    – Phil Hendrix, Managing Director, immr