Rates & Data


In order to make our Rates and Data product a more comprehensive list of advertising products and pricing information, we are adding digital products to our IRIS Online and Rates & Data database. Currently, we accept information for your mobile display ads and IYP directories, but are ready and able to compile any other digital products you would like to include.

You may be sending out emails or creating product websites in hope that agencies will “find” your data, but they just do not have the time to look up memos/websites for hundreds of publishers. Get these digital products in front of the people that will sell them and supply us with your product information today!

If your company would like to add IYP, mobile display ads or any other digital product to the LSA Rates & Data products please contact Barb Parrott / 248.244.0732.


The Directory Code Number Request Form is now available as an online form which will expedite the assignment of directory code numbers. This form should be used when you are creating a new directory or splitting an existing directory and require a new code number. Once the new number has been assigned, the Local Search Association will either fax or email the directory code number to your attention. If time is critical, call Barb Parrott / 248.244.0732 to further expedite the process.

Directory Code Number Online Request Form


LSA Rates & Data information is available for downloading in three formats. The first format, Package A, is a full file of Rates & Data, Coverage and Special Pricing information that is produced on a weekly basis. The second format, Package C, contains only changes since the previous week. There is also a Package B produced once per month that contains all of the changes since the previous month. All formats are available via an annual subscription. Pricing for the File Downloads can be found in the Products & Services Catalog.

To obtain a copy of the file layouts, please contact Barb Parrott / 248.244.0732.


LSA RatesPC is a Windows-based software package designed for Publishers to submit rates and other pertinent directory data information to the LSA Rates & Data database. This software is available to all publishers free of charge. Additional options are available for submitting your directory data to the LSA Rates & Data system.

For more information, please contact Barb Parrott / 248.244.0732.


Prices and ordering information for all of the Rates & Data products is also available in the Products & Services Catalog.