Co-op Services

Our team of co-op experts offer a variety of services intended to help your sales reps utilize co-op ad dollars. Think of it as a dedicated co-op administrative staff.

LSA can provide relevant co-op leads to sales reps, submit and obtain ad approvals from manufacturers, assist with the claiming and billing process, improve the overall flow of your co-op operations, and much more.


  • Co-op Lead Lists: LSA will provide each sales rep with their own custom reports containing all manufacturers that provide co-op funding under an advertiser’s pre-identified dominant heading as well as complimentary headings. The reports are customer specific, making them a valuable resource for the sales visit.
  • Co-op Audit: LSA will locate and note all ads across multiple media types (traditional and digital) containing a brand name that is associated with a co-op advertising program. If the customer is not currently utilizing co-op, this is a great lead-in for the sales rep when making their sales call. In addition, LSA will review ads that do not contain any type of logo or brand name and will provide a list of manufacturers that will possibly provide co-op funding for that advertiser. This offers another great sales call lead-in.
  • Ad Prior Approval: LSA takes the administrative headache out of the prior approval process. We contact the manufacturer or distributor for you to obtain prior approval on your behalf.
  • Claim Documentation: Proof of publication is required for the advertiser to collect reimbursement from the manufacturer. LSA assists with this time consuming process, eliminating the paperwork loop from the sales reps, providing more selling time.
  • Dealer Listings: LSA will provide a list of dealers that carry an identified product line with co-op funding associated with it. This helps to increase a sales reps credibility by giving them prior knowledge of available co-op funding.

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