Small Business Surveys

For the past three years we have worked to grow our SMB audience via live bootcamp events, resources on and other direct-to-SMB efforts. Now that we have grown our SMB list, we are offering survey opportunities for local marketing professionals seeking to better understand the SMB market and/or develop thought leadership.

The cost per response is highly competitive with the broader market and in many cases will be less expensive. In addition, members enjoy a 15% discount on these surveys.

What You'll Get

  • Up to 20-question surveys
  • Up to 500 SMB completes
  • Pricing based on number of responses
  • Verified SMB audience of more than 70,000
  • You’ll get data, slides & executive summary
  • 25% discount on companion report
  • Rates are below market vs. leading vendors
  • Members get an extra 15% off

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