Tech Adoption Index

SaaS-based cloud services have introduced a plethora of new capabilities to small businesses: access to large audiences for lead generation, robust payments systems, accounting software, human resources administration, supply chain management and much more. As these technologies become more affordable, small businesses are taking advantage.

LSA’s new Tech Adoption Index (TAI) is designed to measure the small business market's shift to cloud-based services through a quantitative tracking study. The research will be conducted twice a year with a sample of 1,000 small businesses in each wave. The data will help small business providers make strategic businesses decisions as it relates to product development, competitive differentiation and growth strategies.

Start-ups and established companies in the “local” space will need to expand product portfolios in order to increase share of wallet and guard against customer churn. For that reason, providers need a foundation of credible, third-party data like the TAI in order to support decisions on how to allocate their resources.

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