• The Small Business Software Industry has a Serious Problem

    Despite tremendous growth in adoption and considerable strides in its capabilities to improve the lives of small business operators, the small business software industry has a serious problem. Many small businesses owners fail to use the software they buy to its full potential. And, in some cases, they struggle to use it at all. The problem is engagement. If SMBs aren’t using the software you build for them, then they will eventually stop using it, cancel their subscription, and move onto a competitor’s product. Or perhaps they will go back to the comfort and familiarity of a spiral notebook.

    This white paper, commissioned by Mono Solutions, explains the nature of the SMB SaaS engagement challenge and shares best practices for delivering a better customer experience. 

    Commissioned by:

    This report was commissioned by Mono Solutions who delivers the ultimate SaaS-based digital marketing platform for small businesses across the digital landscape to drive their business online. As a fully-white label solution, Mono empowers digital service providers with a true do-it-with-me (DIWM) approach to offer digital marketing solutions and deliver real ROI to their SMB clients.