Training & Support

LSA provides the support and training you need to utilize co-op advertising funds to their fullest. From support in using the Recas platform, to educating sales reps about how to sell co-op most effectively, LSA’s co-op experts are here to help you develop and sustain an effective co-op strategy.


  • Co-op Department Setup: LSA can provide best practices in building out a co-op advertising sales structure, complete with the workflow design for needed collaboration in ad production and accounting documentation.
  • Sales Consulting: Whether it’s a specific question or a question about your overall co-op strategy, we can share our over 30 years of co-op knowledge with you.
  • Training: LSA can conduct on-site or remote (webinar) training sessions and dealer sales calls to ensure your staff gets the most out of co-op and our products and services. Our trained coop experts are available to go on sales pitches with your executives to ensure they understand how to present co-op and get the most for their clients.
  • Lead Generation: Have leads sent right to your inbox with our daily distribution of manufacturer co-op opportunities.
  • Compliance Support: We can assist you with the co-op approval process and ensure your ad is compliant with the brands standards.
  • Claim Documentation: All ads must be approved before running Proof of publication is required for the advertiser to collect reimbursement from the manufacturer. LSA assists with this time consuming process, eliminating the paperwork loop from the sales reps, providing more selling time.

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